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(EN) The rosary with Jesus, Mary and Faustina

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ISBN: 9788366093454

Pages: 146

Binding: Paperback

The holy rosary is a daily practice of many Christians since it is an effective means to participate in the life of Our Lord Jesus and His Most Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. It helps to increase faith, to strengthen hope and set souls afire with the fire of love of God and of people. Meditation on the joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious mysteries of the holy rosary allows us to experience important saving events, beginning from the moment of the Incarnation of the Son of God, to His life in Nazareth, to His public ministry, to His passion and death until after His resurrection and ascension. Mary was always discreetly present in all these events as our Saviour’s Mother. She knows best the mystery of God’s mercy revealed in the life and the paschal mystery of Her Son, Jesus Christ. This is why she may fruitfully teach us how to discover the merciful love of God and how to strengthen people along the way of Christian perfection.
This book contains suggested meditations on the mystery of the rosary using the words of Our Lord Jesus, Mary and St. Faustina which were recorded in the “Diary” of St. Faustina.

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Autor s. M. Elżbieta Siepak ZMBM
Tytuł oryginału Różaniec z Jezusem, Maryją i św. Faustyną
Wydawnictwo Wydawnictwo MISERICORDIA Zgromadzenia Sióstr Matki Bożej Miłosierdzia
Oprawa miękka
Rok wydania 2020
Język (EN) Angielski

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