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(EN) The merciful in the everyday life

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Autor: Sr.Alicja Zelmańska

ISBN 978-83-63916-82-4

Binding: paperback
Pages: 262

Reflections with Saint Faustina

What can we do so that the Divine Mercy is manifested in our entire being, permeating our thoughts, words and activities? How to be merciful not only from time to time, during significant life events or acts of charity, but “always and everywhere” in our daily life. This book attempts at finding answers to these questions with an aim to enliven, deepen and strengthen the spirit of mercy towards all those whom we meet each day on our paths of life.
Saint Faustina understood well that human mercy partakes of the Divine Mercy, therefore it demands constant communion and profound unity with Jesus – the Source of Mercy not only during prayer but in all events of daily life. Her life reveals how important it is for the shaping of the attitude of mercy to discover in our heart the presence of God – the Source of Mercy and to commune with Him through love. By uniting with Jesus, by constantly adoring and contemplating Him in the innermost depths of her heart, Saint Faustina longed to be His living image and wished to be transformed entirely into His mercy. Her prayer Help me, O Lord is an expression of this strong desire burning in her.


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Autor s. M. Alicja Zelmańska ZMBM
Tytuł oryginału Miłosierni w codzienności. Rozważania ze św. s. Faustyną
Tłumaczenie Elżbieta Woszczyna
Wydawnictwo Wydawnictwo MISERICORDIA Zgromadzenia Sióstr Matki Bożej Miłosierdzia
ISBN 978-83-63916-82-4
Oprawa miękka
Liczba stron 262
Rok wydania 2018
Format [mm] 120x180 mm
Waga [kg] 0,240 kg
Język (EN) Angielski

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