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(ES) Juntos o por separado
(ES) Juntos o por separado

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(ES) La Misericordia, esperanza para el mundo (DVD)
(ES) La Misericordia, esperanza para el mundo (DVD)

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(FR) Croire en l'espérance
(FR) Croire en l'espérance

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(PL) Papeteria A4 (10 szt.)
(PL) Papeteria A4 (10 szt.)

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(DE) Aus Einem Gewöhnlichen Leben Machte Sie Ein Außergewöhnliches
(DE) Aus Einem Gewöhnlichen Leben Machte Sie Ein Außergewöhnliches

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(EN) EBOOK - Divine Mercy in the Bible and in St. Faustina's Diary.

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We are pleased to present this book, our latest publication on the mystery of Divine mercy. It is the textbook for the first year Scripture course of the Faustinum Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy formation programme. 

The Bible is the fundamental source from which we can learn about God in the mystery of his mercy. Every page in the Bible - from prehistory to the end times - shows us God's merciful love, which always takes the form of mercy when it addresses Man, who is weak and sinful by nature. Inspired by God, the Holy Scriptures speak to us about God, Who is merciful and makes the first move to meet sinful mankind. 

Yet when we read the Bible, many of us are still unable to see God's merciful love on its pages. Tainted and injured by sin, we have lost the ability which we had at the beginning to see things the way Good sees them. We need to have the "eyes of our heart" enlightened" to read the Bible and the entire history of salvation as poem about God's love for His children. We need individuals who - having been chosen by God and purified by grace - have received new eyes that allow them to see more deeply. Some of the people who have been granted this gift are the Saints who have been enabled to see and read the sacred writings more profoundly, and St. Faustina is certainly one of them. She is a gift from God for us; and her extraordinary charism of knowing and spreading the knowledge of God's mercy, as well as her deep mystical experience, which she describes in her Diary, may serve as as special commentary to the Scriptures.

The purpose of this book is not only to help us to know and understand the mystery of Divine mercy, but above all to help us personally encounter the God of mercy. Exactly this personal experience of God and His merciful love can convince us of the unchanging truth that we have always been loved, are loved now, and will be loved forever. 

From the introduction 

Table of contents:

Chapter 1 – God reveals himself
Chapter 2 – God the merciful
Chapter 3 – The Merciful Creator of the world
Chapter 4 – Man's Merciful Creator
Chapter 5 – The forgiving God
Chapter 6 – Mercy Incarnate
Chapter 7 – The Merciful Father
Chapter 8 – The Merciful Redeemer
Chapter 9 – The Merciful Spirit working in the Church
Chapter 10 – The Mother of Mercy

Also available as a paper book

Dane techniczne

Autor ks. Marcin Ciunel MS, s. M. Emanuela Gemza ISMM
Tytuł oryginału Miłosierdzie Boże w Biblii i Dzienniczku św. Faustyny
Tłumaczenie Teresa Bałuk-Ulewiczowa
Projekt okładki i grafika s. M. Eliana Chmielewska ISMM
ISBN 9788366093720
Liczba stron 183 (EPUB)
Rok wydania 2023
Format EPUB
Język Angielski - English

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