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(EN) 14 Ways to do Works of Mercy

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”For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Eph 2: 10). This awareness fills me with joy. I am a person created by God. Saint Paul writes:” I am His creation”. Good and merciful God appointed me, so that I have my share in the love of the Holy Trinity and love myself and my brothers with the love which He Himself poured into my heart. How good is Almighty God! How much He has trusted me! Jesus desires that my faith and love be expressed in deeds. Before the ages began, I had been prepared and summoned to fulfil this mission, so that the will of the Father who desires my happiness and salvation be fulfilled in this way.

Nevertheless, it is with great apprehension that I look at the contemporary world full of relativism, consumptionism and conformism. I often think that the world of values belongs to the past, whereas subjectivism and individualism keep directing me towards my needs only. The history of sin and evil continues ceaselessly, winning over new followers. The power of evil seems appalling and overwhelming. Still, I do not lose hope in God’s mercy. Jesus redeemed me in the work of salvation, accomplished in the passion and death on the cross, but He rose again the third day.

The victory in on the side of good, on the side of the Almighty God. I am looking for the methods to share the mercy I have experienced in my life… I can enumerate at least 14 of such works comprising: 7 corporal and 7 spiritual works of mercy. With Saint Faustina I embark upon a journey to meet God in my brothers and sisters with an aim to become fully human.


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Autor s. M. Diana Kuczek ISMM
Tytuł oryginału 14 Sposobów na Miłosierdzie
Ilustracje s. M. Barbara Wolańska ISMM
ISBN 9788366093126
Oprawa miękka
Format [mm] 120X180
Waga [kg] 0,262
Język (EN) Angielski

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